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What is temporary car insurance?

If you only need car insurance for a short time only then temporary car insurance is for you. Get affordable short term cover whether it is one day car insurance or up to 28 days. Many people are signing up to temporary cover as a way of actually affording their insurance. If you only need cover for a small amount of time then why bother risking your own policy if you can save money elsewhere.

Why might I need temporary car insurance?

There are thousands of different situations where you may need to be insured on a different car. You may be borrowing a friend’s larger car to help you move house, or you could be going on a long drive with a friend or relative and want to be able to share the driving.

Temporary car insurance allows you to drive almost any car or van in the UK over a short period of time, and is growing more and more popular in the UK all the time.

Why not add the driver to the main policy?

You may in the past have added a driver to the main policy for a few days, and then taken them off when you have finished, but what would happen if the other driver had an accident whilst on your policy? You’d lose your no claims bonus, and the claim would end up on your insurance for at least five years, massively increasing the amount you spend over a long period of time.

Temporary car insurance does not affect the owner of the cars no claims bonus, and any claim made by the additional driver on a temporary policy will not count towards the main driver’s car insurance record.